Sometimes when you're busy, it's hard to find time to check in. Sometimes, when you're not busy, you have nothing to relate. My social media presence tends towards either feast or famine, but we're here now so we won't dwell.

I have been busy! At the close of last year, I opened a few spots for Blythe Calavera commissions and much to my delight, they were quickly claimed by some wonderful customers. The first two took inspiration from their months, and turned into full customs.
Nieve, Blythe Calavera commission, 2016.
Amapola, Blythe Calavera commission, 2016.
It was nice to work on calavera commissions again, as it pushed me in directions I might not have gone otherwise and I got to try out a few new things. It's a lovely thing to dip a toe in now and again.

In between Blythes, I also worked on a few ball joint doll commissions. I had the pleasure of painting two Dollshe heads for an old friend I always love collaborating with. Familiar territory indeed, but no less exciting.
Dollshe Saint SA and OE heads, 2016.

I also painted an Aileen Doll Greenery and a Shy, both ridiculously sweet tiny things.
Aileen Doll Dragon Scales, 2016.
Aileen Doll Greenery, 2016.
I have another Blythe and ball joint doll currently on their way to me to paint and one little head on my table that is just about done. Beyond all of that, I've just finished building another big puppet for the Performing Art Center for Kids. (Which warrants it's own post, I think.)

Spring has arrived here and it has brought sunshine and inspiration. Once I get through my current list of commissions, I'm hoping to work on some totally new things. I also want to blog more, ha! I've had a few lovely emails asking me to share more about some of my projects and  I really want get in the habit of going behind the scenes, as it were. If you have any questions or requests feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email. I just realized I was missing blog comments entirely! So, I've got that sorted now. Progress already.



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