Sometimes you can have a new start to something quite old. In my own life, I have recently completed a sort of small scale renovation of my home, a home I have lived in for 15 years and which has stood for over 130 years before that.  We switched rooms around, took down some walls and removed a lot of carpet. We refinished floors and rebuilt stairs. As I type this, the paint in my hallway is drying...

Anyway, the point is, Melancholy Kitties has occupied many skins in the 11 years it has existed and upon the completion of my beautiful new studio, I realized it was time to clean up my virtual home as well. My old website, which was masterfully built by Manning Krull, was a thing of beauty and delight that no longer serves me. What began as a little shop selling doll clothes has long been empty, my galleries woefully neglected and little else was still relevant. Loved, but outdated.

Fall is my favorite season. I believe there is no better time for change

With this new site, I hope to bring together all of the things I have been working on, all of the places I frequent, and all of the things I love. I invite you to look around, click some links and  let me know what you think. It has been fun revisiting so much of my past work. I am very excited to make new things.

Happy October!



08/14/2016 6:42pm

Well this is wonderful blog of hit refresh and very interesting as well. I really enjoy or like such type of posts because this is the good way of spending the time and I am really falling love in it.


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